"Never doubt that a group of thoughtful committed people can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has!"
-Margaret Mead

The Republic of the Congo faces serious challenges in its fight against diseases such as malaria, AIDS, and typhoid fever. Lack of clean water has also created a severe problem of diarrhea. The Henri-Alain Baniakina Foundation is committed to preventing and treating these illnesses through the development of clinics, water purification, and educational outreach programs. These programs are focused on educating against the spread of Sexually Transmitted Diseases as well as promoting good hygienic practices related to food preparation for storing and preparing meat and boiling unsafe water. As part of its efforts to combat malaria, the Foundation is facilitating the distribution of mosquito nets throughout the country. As in other African nations, the ravages of malaria on the Congolese people are avoidable for the relatively minor cost of nets and anti-malarial medicine. Investment in the prevention and treatment of malaria can have an enormously beneficial impact on all aspects of Congolese society. In the Republic of Congo, the AIDS diagnosis is considered a death sentence. A doctor describes his frustration by saying "we have no medicines, you've got AIDS. I can't help you. Go home and die." The cost of anti-retroviral drugs are $300 a year. We can not do it without you!

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